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Well so here i am with yet another blog.

This is another phrase of my life, my school life has ended for what might be forever and now i’m awaiting admission into the army. Time sure flies, i’m looking back at my life and i think to myself of how everything could be different, how different things could have turned out if i was a better person.

I have so many things left undone, i’m not ready to be an adult, i’m not ready to take on this huge responsibility. Soon i will be 20, in 4 months time, and …. oh a sms

What a dumbass, here i am typing this deeply introspective post and my dumbass classmate felicia send the wrong sms to me. Totally destroyed the mood of this man.

Anyway a little update on my life:

1) I’ve taken up dragonboating. Its a very nice sport, the feeling of the effort of all 20 people paddling in sync making the boat glide through the water – fantastic !

2) I’m quite interested in paintball, i will probably pursue it and take the comming BTO marshal course

3) Schools ended, and so i’m now working for a book distributor company, very boring work

4) I’m swimming more regularly now too, gonna get myself in shape for army

Well thats pretty much whats going on in my life nowadays


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