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Its 3 am in the morning but i can’t sleep, tomorrow is the long awaited day, the day i finally report for national service.

Its such a big adventure ! I’m so excited, but i’m also scared. The only thing i’m scared of is getting bullied by my bunkmates, left as an outcast. That is a really horrible way to spend 2 years. But what is destined is destined, even being bullied ruthlessly will make me an even stronger person i guess.

Ah, i wonder what my bunkmates are like, would they all be like pia kia pia kia one, or will they be those nerdy nerdy types. Of course they could just be normal-ish. 2 years of national service heh. I must get stronger, both in the mind and the body.

My camp is located quite near to the cemetery, i’m sure it will create a lot of stories and commotion.

There is a lot of death in the ns recently, i sure hope i wont die in there. If i should die, i should just let you guys know, heh i really love you morons.


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