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Worldly Causes

Been a while seen i posted. Busy as a bee, not much of time to spend on blogs. I should write more though, writing is a God’s gift and a powerful form of expression.

A lot of things has happened, mostly notably my trip to brunei. This days as unlikely as it sounds, i find myself  entertaining thoughts about morals, justice, fairness and human nature. My experience in camp  has opened my eyes to the many facets of human behaviour. There is the hardworking, the just, the cruel, the selfish, the compassionate just to name a few. Very interesting.

People form cliques wherever they are. I hate that. Double-edged. I note that the bigger the clique, the more one loses his own individuality. The mind are swayed and led on by the group, and the group are led by the alpha-leaders. Easily influenced most are, easily changed from the better to the worse and vice versa.

Most are selfish people, their selfishness grips and strangle the selfless. The hardworkers looks drain and are unhappy. They are killed inside. Positive values such as being digilant and helpful are rarely rewarded. Such acts if it comes from the heart requires no reward, nevermind that but they are infact punished by the complexity of life.

Always, always easier for negatives to rub off then positives. What is truth, principles and justice ? What about the universal law that governs the universe ?


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