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Lance Corporal


So i finally have been promoted to a lance corporal. I do feel quite proud of myself but i have to restrain myself infront of the others. I act passive but in reality i am bursting with joy for this sweet little reward.

The stripe itself means little though, i think what truly define the wearer of the rank power is the experience, skill and knowledge that the wearer gained through his journey. That is what i think anyway.

Still … it is very satisfying X)


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Taiwan Taipei Taiwan Taipei

Oh crap

Once again i have to go for another overseas exercise, this time round its exercise high noon and starlight. I just want to sleep at home laaaaa

Worse of all, this time i will be going to taiwan for a total of 3 weeks, wah liao eh 3 weeks ! That is like 24x7x3 hours of sleeping time i could have had while i was sleeping at home.

On the bright side though i heard the club girls there is like totally red hot fire hot and open HA !

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