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Well first things first: i’m awesome.

The other night i was having BBQ with the basketball friends at sembawang park and i somehow found myself riding on geraldine’s bicycle. Fast forward to two hours later and im whizzing up and down the road like a badass.

Today i went to cycle with kent and dear God my whole body is a wreck now.  Turns out that i can cycle freely at sembawang beach because the road is wide and there was little people, but i cycled with kent near housing estates where the roads are narrow and the cars are near. Naturally i didn’t have much confidence and keep crashing and stopping.

Luckily we soon reach a park area and the road was wider so in the end i managed to cycle somewhat efficently. Although there were still moments i crashed and burned, which happened quite a few times. There i was cycling free as a Lincoln Burrows whom just escaped Fox River State Penitentiary when suddenly there was this maid walking her dog right ahead of me, i panicked, what if i ran over the furbag ? The more i thought about it the more wobbly i became. The bicycle fell off the elevated pavement and into the grass. The difference in height cause my bike to really just sink into the ground and threw me ahead, i hit the handles then attempted to hold the bicycle stable but i lost my footing and feeling inwards, the handles did a 180 degree turn and my leg was stuck there, then when the bike fell i fell with it ! Ouch !

Then there was also this auntie. I swear she is like my jinx or something, whenever i see her i’ll definitly c&b. I saw her three times and all three times i would found me and the bicycle on the solid ground. Like how i was wobbling wobbling and hit the studded area of the trail where there are vegetation in it, yup i flew forward dragging the bike with me in a vertical direction, the front wheel was on the ground but the back wheel flipped.

Sigh, there was also like numerous dumbasses WALKING ON THE FREAKING BICYCLE LANE ! WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE GODDAMNIT IM TRYING TO PRATICE HERE. By the end of the day though i managed to cycle circles around the park and all the way to naval base secondary school. What a accomplishment man !

Now all i need to do is to persuade my parents to buy my a bicycle, heh better do the dishes first before asking ….


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