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Looking back at the previous week (boring)

Alright, lets see what did i do last week. I went for my citizenship ceremony, met up with my old classmates and went to a friend’s house for Hari Raya. Throughout the week i also coincidentally met up with two old army buddies and not so coincidentally met up with others!

So i finally went for the ceremony and became a citizenship, my old man has been bugging me forever about that so i’m glad i finally got it done and over with. Everyone had to went on stage to receive the certificate with their new identity card one by one, so when it finally got to me (i was the third last person in a line of 392) i rejoiced. Finally ! I shook hand with the minister of health and put on a smile and took a picture, it was kinda like graduation. I felt healthier after the hand-shake.

That day’s morning when i was getting ready to go out i couldnt find my      necktie, but i was cool about it thinking to myself screw that, im just going to go  ahead. But i chickened out and grabbed my secondary school necktie, on the    way there i thought to myself i can’t wear this ! What is there was someone from  my secondary school ! Oh God the humiliation !

Well things sort themselves out like they usually do and it turns out that there  was a rent-a-tie service there. After much deliberation i picked the red one, i gave  my money to the annoyed cashier and went about on my way.

I saw Lin An as i was heading to the toilet to adjust my tie, what a surprise ! We  talked a little and went to our seats. The conversation is as boring as this post    but it was great to see a familar face.

After that i rushed off to my gather with the classmates. Things went badly and in the end Phyllis and me were left deserted to survive on our own in this concrete jungle of overzealous shoppers and dangerously inexperienced skaterboys. Sometimes it gets hard to hang out with Phyllis, she has too much emotional baggage, feels like a quicksand around her. I feel like i shouldn’t be having fun with her and instead sit down and get her to get her life in order. Then i heard someone shouting my name and whao its my good old medic ! Feels good seeing your army friends here and there.

Kinda like youtube's 'like" and "dislike"I clicked on nah

I also caught a glimpse of a new type of ipad i have never seen before, it feels like there is a different i-product every other week. Speaking of which the other day as i was laying down on my bed i suddenly occurred to me that holy crap ! I have a lot of i-products in my life ! How the hell did that happen ?

Whats an Ipad doing in a defibrillator box ?Oh right i went out to get them

Finally the next night i went to another old army friend’s house for Hari Raya, the event on facebook said it starts at 4pm so i arrived there around that time and realized that i was the only one there this early, in the end i had to loiter around for two hours for the rest of them to arrive.

Gawd i waited for so long that i  got a headache. Finally one by one they started arriving, but they insisted on waiting for one another and so we waited and waited. When i saw Halim i was shocked ! He has a goatee ! Man it ruined his innocent mischievous boy image he had going, he now looks more matured and less prone to committing stupid actions (he still does though).

After the dinner my host served us some tidbits in this awesome container tray thingy ! I adore the way the whole thing looks, the jar the tray the everything ! Man it was like i was hit by a truck and the medic came with a first aid kit to resuscitate me, except the truck was hunger, the medic was my friend and the first aid kit was the jar of cookie snacks.

Eventually it was time to leave. Oh and then i realized, one of the little toddlers running around one of them was his daughter. I saw the pictures of him and his daughter in his handphone a few time back when we were still in the army but today i finally met his daughter, it added a depth to him in my perception. This guy, this guy i know in the army already has a daughter !

Well anyway we passed by this place where this large group of people were celebrating Hari Raya too. There were a group of people on stage and they were playing simon say, i lol’d when simon say raise up your left hand, some of them raised their right.


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Not to be blunt but …

So here i am sitting around surfing the net where i stumble upon the stories of James Blunt, now if you’re like me then you will know him as the guy who sang the “You’re beautiful” hit song among others. Now i know some people would think he is gay, and personally i can only hear the song “You’re beautiful” so many times before the voice really makes some of my vessels pop out.

This was what i thought about James Blune Before:

300px-JamesBluntonSS“lol gay ?”

Now after reading this article and delving further into research, i found out that he used to be in the military and what he has done since then.

Current Impression:




I mean OMG who could have thought he has such an extensive military background !

Just read this !

Google’s Timeline


Its quite credible ok ?

In Summary from various sites:

1) Signed up for the army after they sponsored the university he attended in 1996

2) Got a Pilot License at 16 !

3) Commissioned as a second lieutenant, eventually reaching captain. That is like our OCS, then becoming an OC !

4) He led the first squadron of troops to enter Pristina !

5) At the age of 23, Captain Blunt was leading 30,000 British peacekeepers into Kosovo’s war zone by securing the Pristina Airport and was the first British officer to enter the Kosovo capital !

6) Was working as a reconnaissance officer at the Macedonia-Kosovo border during the bombing campaign.

7) Strapped his guitar to the outside of his tank.

8) Strapped his guitar to the outside of his tank

OMFG ! Who the hell strapped his guitar to the outside of one’s tank during conflicts ! My God ! James Blunt thats who ! When it is time to chill in a war-ravaged land good ‘ol James woud take out his guitar and perform for the soldiers. Reading from site to site, the soldiers say he is a entertainer and that he liked to charm girls through guitaring, much like a bulk of singapore male adolescents (Most only in action not in skill).

Oh and did i mention he was champion skier of the entire Royal Armoured Corps ?

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Lance Corporal


So i finally have been promoted to a lance corporal. I do feel quite proud of myself but i have to restrain myself infront of the others. I act passive but in reality i am bursting with joy for this sweet little reward.

The stripe itself means little though, i think what truly define the wearer of the rank power is the experience, skill and knowledge that the wearer gained through his journey. That is what i think anyway.

Still … it is very satisfying X)

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Taiwan Taipei Taiwan Taipei

Oh crap

Once again i have to go for another overseas exercise, this time round its exercise high noon and starlight. I just want to sleep at home laaaaa

Worse of all, this time i will be going to taiwan for a total of 3 weeks, wah liao eh 3 weeks ! That is like 24x7x3 hours of sleeping time i could have had while i was sleeping at home.

On the bright side though i heard the club girls there is like totally red hot fire hot and open HA !

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