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Ultimate Dragontug ’08

Well today was the ultimate dragontug 08 showdown, it was very awesome.

So i met up with Eugene and we made our way there to singapore river. It was fairly crowded, however the individual teams made up the bulk of the crowd, and taking the dragonboat helpers into account, there was only a handful of civilian spectators.

Oh wow cool, i’m watching the news as i’m typing this and i saw the PLK paddlers on the news ! I think it was the final round. The news mention that it was a mix of chinese dragonboat and viking boating !

VIKING !! So when are we going to raze villages and take in their man as slaves and capture their woman ?

Er.. ahem anyway, it totally suck that the 2 match i was in both lose, my goodness i’m like some sort of jinx or something. But hey the PLK paddlers won in the end ! You know i never expect that PLK paddlers to be this strong, they surprise me truly. They are much better then they seem, i know that now.

It was a pretty fun event, here are some pictures i took with my handphone depicting some of the interesting things.

“Hey lets go under the water, its fun !”


Yea well this teaches us not to mess with the merlion, he/she is one hardcore *********er ! This reminds me, tomorrow is mother’s day so dont forget to do something nice for your mom, she did raise you from a squirming little red meshy meat into what you are today ! Give her a kiss and tell her you love her ! Its the right thing to do, ahem anyway ….

One of the important thing about the dragon-tug is the capturing of the flag, it’s the duty of the drummer to reach out and grab the flag, whoever grabs the flag first wins, or a default win is claimed when a minute has passed, or something like that. So Eugene was the drummer in one of the match, i can only imagine what is going through his head.

Whew okay

But it was all cool since Eugene grabbed the flag in the end, his pasta-ish arm did good ! I have the picture of him with the flag but god i’m too tired to upload it now, beside it wouldn’t be half as funny as my sloppy paint edit of the pictures anyway. I should probably make a rar file and upload it to mediafire or something.

Then there was a long break and the dragon-boat helpers from don’t-know-what organistation. They set up this ergometer station, icebox station and this vertical throw the waterbottle dart station. All mini-game, most of the prizes involves beer. God i hate beer, sure i can withstand the first half of the can, but then the taste of it just gets so … bitter and overall sucky. When the beer is warm, damn the suckage meter really hits the max.

The icebox station one was cool, you get to submerge yourself in this large box filled with ice cubes, imagine polar bear diving into the water in the northpole, except you’re not a polar bear, and you will probably walk out as a popsicle stick. I kinda wanted to go in as the weather was hot, you can imagine how tempting the icy water is ! Well anyway i didn’t really took much picture of the first 2 mini game. But i did get some shot of the third.

See the horizontal black board ? Well there is layers of circle at the end of it ala dart boards, the middle of the board gives you 100 point, and as it goes further to the outer layer the score decreases, 50, 40 , 30 , 20. The winner ( that is the highest score ) is awarded with a new balance shade ! So Calvin spent like 30 mins keep on practicing, didn’t really end well, he was probably too intoxicated.

I guess i forgot to mention this but players have to bottoms up a glass of that horse-piss beer, then turn 10 rounds before hurtling the marker to the circle. Here’s sam trying her luck:

Fun mini-games really. Did i mention some of the girls there were hot hot hot ! Especially this japanese team girl, gosh she looks hot. Not cute though, cute and hot is way different yet people always confuse them. Come evening there was also this fashion model showcase or something. One of the model was hot and CUTE, damn !



Ahem anyway choon hoe aka winsor aka kirin aka godknowswhatotheraliashehas was also there. Seems like hes the oarsman for the event under sava. Funny i just brought a paddle from sava yesterday.

Please compare

Wow thanks Eugene, i guess we now know whose the better cameraman !

Well all in all it was a fufilling day, i’m happy for the paddlers for what they have accomplished, we had fun and i got to know them a bit better. I gotta test out my new paddle, it worked nicely i might add. I expected a lot more paddlers to turn up but well i guess we have our own schedule to keep to.

Heres somemore picture from the event hohoho

Whew okay i’m usually more long winded but im getting sleepyy


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