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I went to sleep last night, I woke up this morning and Micheal Jackson is dead.


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Not to be blunt but …

So here i am sitting around surfing the net where i stumble upon the stories of James Blunt, now if you’re like me then you will know him as the guy who sang the “You’re beautiful” hit song among others. Now i know some people would think he is gay, and personally i can only hear the song “You’re beautiful” so many times before the voice really makes some of my vessels pop out.

This was what i thought about James Blune Before:

300px-JamesBluntonSS“lol gay ?”

Now after reading this article and delving further into research, i found out that he used to be in the military and what he has done since then.

Current Impression:




I mean OMG who could have thought he has such an extensive military background !

Just read this !

Google’s Timeline


Its quite credible ok ?

In Summary from various sites:

1) Signed up for the army after they sponsored the university he attended in 1996

2) Got a Pilot License at 16 !

3) Commissioned as a second lieutenant, eventually reaching captain. That is like our OCS, then becoming an OC !

4) He led the first squadron of troops to enter Pristina !

5) At the age of 23, Captain Blunt was leading 30,000 British peacekeepers into Kosovo’s war zone by securing the Pristina Airport and was the first British officer to enter the Kosovo capital !

6) Was working as a reconnaissance officer at the Macedonia-Kosovo border during the bombing campaign.

7) Strapped his guitar to the outside of his tank.

8) Strapped his guitar to the outside of his tank

OMFG ! Who the hell strapped his guitar to the outside of one’s tank during conflicts ! My God ! James Blunt thats who ! When it is time to chill in a war-ravaged land good ‘ol James woud take out his guitar and perform for the soldiers. Reading from site to site, the soldiers say he is a entertainer and that he liked to charm girls through guitaring, much like a bulk of singapore male adolescents (Most only in action not in skill).

Oh and did i mention he was champion skier of the entire Royal Armoured Corps ?

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Megan Fox

So today PC6 told me that his girlfriend told him that megan fox used to be a guy, and that s/he underwent a sex change when s/he is 18 or so, paid by the parents infact. Which i highly doubt, but it would be pretty funny to find out the reaction of the legions of males that had been masturbating to what was really another male.

Megan Fox Kid Poor” D= “

More likely his girlfriend finally had enough of his intense concentration whenever megan fox appears on television or FHM and made up the story so he will be like all “Oh Megan Fox, nahhh i heard she had a sex change “.

Speaking of megan fox the new transformer movie is going to be so awesome, its coming out next week !

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