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Deep deep blue

So after blogging about the NASA, it got me thinking.

Space is big, really really big. Who know what lurks out there in the deep black abyss right ? You know what else is a deep black abyss ? The sea.

Its kinda interesting if you think about it. We’re exploring space and all that, but there is a deep sea level that we don’t really know anything about. I mean have you seen the fishes that live down there, i hesitate to use the word fish because they might as well be aliens. I mean seriously, they live so deep that light can barely penetrate the water. No lights !

Under under the sea

Just look at this, you know what is the first thing i’ll do when i see that little sucker ? This.

Hello i am a hatc- BOOM HEADSHOT !!

Its like that scene from that alien movie where the main character finds out they having been creating clone hybrid alien human version of her, and the failed clones begged her to kill them, thats the kind of impression they give me. Gawd. Just look at that face !

Anyway apparently this fish lives in the twilight zone. What the fuck, fuck. When i was young there was a paranormal thriller called the twilight zone, and i just sortof linked twilight zone to alternative dimension where strange bizarre things and creature resides. I guess i got it right afterall.

A show in regards to deep sea life-forms should use that intro.

Wow just wow, just look at them. You just can’t help being amazed and somewhat shocked. Some of them really look alien dont they ?

Just check out the fish called megamouth shark( lolz sounds like my classmate phyllis) on wikipedia.

Oh god that scares the hell out of me. The mouth too, i mean WTF THAT IS ONE BIG MOUTH. MEGA BIG MOUTH ! ( puns intended )

Look at the skin and everything, thats totally like the aliens from Alien, erm you know … that alien movie. As in alien versus predator that alien, jeez come to think of it couldn’t they pick a better name for the species. What the hell is that whisker thing anyway ?

Not an optical illusion

This is seriously another one of those WTF ( What the fish ! < Puns intended >). If you take a closer look at that picture, it looks like this fish isn’t really that far off from the water surface. Just look at the size of that thing, and it can swim at such a water surface level ? I swear if i was swiming halfway at sentosa then i saw this fish, i’ll just die there instantly from the shock. If i saw a ghost then at least i’ll still be scared and run away screaming or something, but this fish ? Instant death. But then again this fish doesn’t live that deep now does it ?

I don’t know why but in my mind it looks like the fish is talking to the person. =\

Most of the scary underwater creature i’m talking about lives deep down, where the water pressure is at a neigh high. For them to live so deep their body must be tough and endurance high. Think of their lungs or heart pumping, it has to be several times stronger then a human. Well thats what i think anyway. Its remarkable if you think about it. Some of them have lightbulbs on their head, who came up with lightbulbs first ? Edison or mother nature ?

Motherfucking nature thats who

Its just so amazing. I wonder if human ever got to the deepest they can go ? Is it all just water at that level ? Is there a solid ground to reach if you keep going downwards ? Or it is a straight line from one point of the earth to the opposite side with nothing in between ? No that can’t be right since earth has a core, what is at the core ? A hidden land with dinosaurs and other weird creature ? Lava ? Wonka’s chocolate factory ?

Check these websites out where i got those pictures ( open your eyes to fascinating sea creatures ):—24-Bizarre-Creatures-of-the-Deep


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NASA Announcement

Well i’m just back frm the dragonboat gym training and dear God my arms are so tired.

Anyway i just dropped by to write a short post to keep the blog alive. Apparently there is going to be a big NASA announcement and its going to be revealed tomorrow ! Ah the mysteries of the infinite vacum of space why couldn’t they just release it ? Whats the big secret anyway ?

Heres the link -> Jar-of-almonds

Well i heard that they discovered water on one of saturn’s moon or something. Given the news coverage i doubt any of the people i know knows about it, so i’m blogging about it to raise public awareness ! Consider your awareness raised !


*Next Day Update*

Well the news is out, apparently they just discovered youngest supernova or some boring stuff like that. Man thats a pretty disappointing news. Sigh

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