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Ah the Mantis

Today a mantis flew into my desk, amused and curious i took a closer look. It stabbed me in the eye.

Just kidding but i always imagine that is what a mantis would do if given the chance. Well i’m no an expert in insectology or whatever it is but damn the mantis species sure looks badass ! And this is what this post is really about.

Enter the Mantis



Now you probably know that the male species has testicals, but that doesnt say much because a wussy guy can have testis too. So how does one differentiate a real manly man that lift weights on one arm and get a tatoo on the other from that guy from american’s next top model since they both have testis ? (apart from physically because sometimes its not so obvious)

Seems relevant

Simple during puberty these paragons of mascuality and fire-pumped veins testicals go through another change and become manticals (kinda like how a woman’s breast gets bigger) or mantis for short.

Guy A :”Holy**** is that some manticals ?”
Guy B:” Its so **** manly, i just shaved my beard this morning but i think need to shave it now again ! ****”
Girl A:” I think i’m pregnant !”

Early civilisation being as wise as they were already knew this and recognizing how badass the mantis were gave them the name ‘mantis’, a subtle reference to badass manly men.

The many forms of the mantis

Now a mantis comes in all kind of forms.


This kind is probably the most recognizable kind, standard folded forearms, thin body thin legs, long body and weird head. Pretty standard stuff nothing special really.

But what about thisĀ  ?

Pseudocreobotra Wahlbergii


Deroplatys lobata.JPG-med




mantis maskLOL ‘kay how cute =3

mantis2 giant robot


You see thats the thing with those mantis is that, they are highly predatorial and like to ambush their prey. Some species specialize in running after their prey like a bull and take them down, this variety lack the ability to climb plants and such though. A classical example of a mantis deadliness – One moment you are landing on a flower’s petal ready to suck some sweet nectar out for breakfirst and then you can’t, because you were decapitated one second ago. Generally the mantis strikes at such a quicker-the-light-speed-or-not speed by storing energy in the forearms and striking like a wind up racing car.

Fact: Awed by the deadly moves of a mantis, the ancient chinese has adopted the mantis into their kungfuology because they are so awesome, this is not surprising.

Pfft you don’t see a platypus getting any kind of link to physical fitness now do you ? Of course you dont !

Or do you ?

Sex of the mantis

Preying Mantis Set Heyd 2

The mantis takes sex very seriously. I’m sure most of you already know this but apparently the female mantis consumes the male mantis during/after sex depending on how good the sex is. This is remincent of humans, but in their case the biting of head is typically replaced with a more civilised approach like a simple break up or in some cases a more deadly approach like divorce maintenance fees is praticed (sometimes death is preferred).

But not everyone know that this might not truly be the case. Some has suggested that the female mantis bites the male mantis’s head off due to surrounding voyeur scientists eager to study how mantis breed, that it is infact the stress of being observed that causes the female mantis to have such deadly S&M tendacies.

Next time i shall blog about the mantis shrimp !




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