Ah the Mantis

Today a mantis flew into my desk, amused and curious i took a closer look. It stabbed me in the eye.

Just kidding but i always imagine that is what a mantis would do if given the chance. Well i’m no an expert in insectology or whatever it is but damn the mantis species sure looks badass ! And this is what this post is really about.

Enter the Mantis



Now you probably know that the male species has testicals, but that doesnt say much because a wussy guy can have testis too. So how does one differentiate a real manly man that lift weights on one arm and get a tatoo on the other from that guy from american’s next top model since they both have testis ? (apart from physically because sometimes its not so obvious)

Seems relevant

Simple during puberty these paragons of mascuality and fire-pumped veins testicals go through another change and become manticals (kinda like how a woman’s breast gets bigger) or mantis for short.

Guy A :”Holy**** is that some manticals ?”
Guy B:” Its so **** manly, i just shaved my beard this morning but i think need to shave it now again ! ****”
Girl A:” I think i’m pregnant !”

Early civilisation being as wise as they were already knew this and recognizing how badass the mantis were gave them the name ‘mantis’, a subtle reference to badass manly men.

The many forms of the mantis

Now a mantis comes in all kind of forms.


This kind is probably the most recognizable kind, standard folded forearms, thin body thin legs, long body and weird head. Pretty standard stuff nothing special really.

But what about this  ?

Pseudocreobotra Wahlbergii


Deroplatys lobata.JPG-med




mantis maskLOL ‘kay how cute =3

mantis2 giant robot


You see thats the thing with those mantis is that, they are highly predatorial and like to ambush their prey. Some species specialize in running after their prey like a bull and take them down, this variety lack the ability to climb plants and such though. A classical example of a mantis deadliness – One moment you are landing on a flower’s petal ready to suck some sweet nectar out for breakfirst and then you can’t, because you were decapitated one second ago. Generally the mantis strikes at such a quicker-the-light-speed-or-not speed by storing energy in the forearms and striking like a wind up racing car.

Fact: Awed by the deadly moves of a mantis, the ancient chinese has adopted the mantis into their kungfuology because they are so awesome, this is not surprising.

Pfft you don’t see a platypus getting any kind of link to physical fitness now do you ? Of course you dont !

Or do you ?

Sex of the mantis

Preying Mantis Set Heyd 2

The mantis takes sex very seriously. I’m sure most of you already know this but apparently the female mantis consumes the male mantis during/after sex depending on how good the sex is. This is remincent of humans, but in their case the biting of head is typically replaced with a more civilised approach like a simple break up or in some cases a more deadly approach like divorce maintenance fees is praticed (sometimes death is preferred).

But not everyone know that this might not truly be the case. Some has suggested that the female mantis bites the male mantis’s head off due to surrounding voyeur scientists eager to study how mantis breed, that it is infact the stress of being observed that causes the female mantis to have such deadly S&M tendacies.

Next time i shall blog about the mantis shrimp !







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I went to sleep last night, I woke up this morning and Micheal Jackson is dead.

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Ipod Touchmebaby

It was a while ago that i got my very own ipodtouchmebaby, after seeing Sithu bring in his ipodtouchmebaby i was like totally determinded to get one of my own. Its way cool with all those crazy apps and i love its screen, i guess its a fitting size considering it IS a handheld device.

The 2 generation even comes with speaker, albeit not a very good one. Currently i have apps that checks what movie is available or are going to be released soon, gun sound mimicker, messenger-on-the-go, Strait Times, dog whistler and all kind of other craz … er creative apps !

Some of my bunkmates questioned me in their typical singlish accent, why don’t i just get an iphone ? Why ?

“Eh Dave, you quite stupid ah, just get an iphone la can do so much more somemore sia !”

“My esteemed friend to you i say nay, for it is the ipod touch that truly captured my eyes, consider if you would how much more liabilities combining a phone with a music player would bring, i know not of your habits but i would indulge myself in music at times where i were to leave my home. Imagine that if i were to use an iphone, i would have to charge it constantly, the battery would most likely drain at twice the rate. Consider this too, you would not usually turn your phone off would you now ? In this way it is like an MP3 player that you never turn off, i have little doubt my friend that you’re seeing the point i’m trying to make, that is the issue of the battery life.

Additionally there is the case of theft or carelessness that oftens bring about great misery in the owner, if i should ever lose my iphone, i would be losing both my phone and my mp3 player. That would be a great blow to me as i need the healing touch of music and the voice of my friends to smoothen my stress over hectic schedules.

Then there is the matter of the diversity and options i will be denying myself. Technology constantly grows, to think otherwise is foolhardy. Imagine if a yet more technologically advanced phone was to be released, as it surely would, the iphone would be left obsolete. Of course i’m aware that the iphone is plentiful powerful and has the ability to make use of the numerous apps to create diversity. But i speak of hardware limitation too, like the camera ? I love to take pictures and my handphone reflects that, opting always to go with the cybershot series. It just seems to me that if i get an iphone, i would be lessly likely to get a better phone since it is also intergrated with my mp3 player. I rather have my mp3 as my mp3 player and my handphone as my handphone.

Lastly It wasn’t a good idea to get an iphone then anyway, since the iphone 3G was coming out. I do not deny that the iphone did infact change things, as you might have noticed with brands like LG and phones like Arena, a lot more phones are have the same interface and touch-screen captabilities as the iphone, now i know touch screen has been around for a while, but honestly the designs of these phones are remarkable like a iphone but with more upgrades. That is what i’m trying to say you see, companies is copying the iphone and adding in much more incentives so that people will buy their phone and not the iphone. ”

“Whatever la you very stupid la”

Speaking of ipod …

A compelling argument to get an ipod

Too bad it was obliterated though D=

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Not to be blunt but …

So here i am sitting around surfing the net where i stumble upon the stories of James Blunt, now if you’re like me then you will know him as the guy who sang the “You’re beautiful” hit song among others. Now i know some people would think he is gay, and personally i can only hear the song “You’re beautiful” so many times before the voice really makes some of my vessels pop out.

This was what i thought about James Blune Before:

300px-JamesBluntonSS“lol gay ?”

Now after reading this article and delving further into research, i found out that he used to be in the military and what he has done since then.

Current Impression:




I mean OMG who could have thought he has such an extensive military background !

Just read this !

Google’s Timeline


Its quite credible ok ?

In Summary from various sites:

1) Signed up for the army after they sponsored the university he attended in 1996

2) Got a Pilot License at 16 !

3) Commissioned as a second lieutenant, eventually reaching captain. That is like our OCS, then becoming an OC !

4) He led the first squadron of troops to enter Pristina !

5) At the age of 23, Captain Blunt was leading 30,000 British peacekeepers into Kosovo’s war zone by securing the Pristina Airport and was the first British officer to enter the Kosovo capital !

6) Was working as a reconnaissance officer at the Macedonia-Kosovo border during the bombing campaign.

7) Strapped his guitar to the outside of his tank.

8) Strapped his guitar to the outside of his tank

OMFG ! Who the hell strapped his guitar to the outside of one’s tank during conflicts ! My God ! James Blunt thats who ! When it is time to chill in a war-ravaged land good ‘ol James woud take out his guitar and perform for the soldiers. Reading from site to site, the soldiers say he is a entertainer and that he liked to charm girls through guitaring, much like a bulk of singapore male adolescents (Most only in action not in skill).

Oh and did i mention he was champion skier of the entire Royal Armoured Corps ?

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Yes Please !


““It was great,” the unnamed man said.

“I like hot women. I only wish she hadn’t use the clonidine on me.”


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Megan Fox

So today PC6 told me that his girlfriend told him that megan fox used to be a guy, and that s/he underwent a sex change when s/he is 18 or so, paid by the parents infact. Which i highly doubt, but it would be pretty funny to find out the reaction of the legions of males that had been masturbating to what was really another male.

Megan Fox Kid Poor” D= “

More likely his girlfriend finally had enough of his intense concentration whenever megan fox appears on television or FHM and made up the story so he will be like all “Oh Megan Fox, nahhh i heard she had a sex change “.

Speaking of megan fox the new transformer movie is going to be so awesome, its coming out next week !

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Lance Corporal


So i finally have been promoted to a lance corporal. I do feel quite proud of myself but i have to restrain myself infront of the others. I act passive but in reality i am bursting with joy for this sweet little reward.

The stripe itself means little though, i think what truly define the wearer of the rank power is the experience, skill and knowledge that the wearer gained through his journey. That is what i think anyway.

Still … it is very satisfying X)

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