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Man, i was just laying down on bed and i realised that sometimes i think back to events from a few day past and rage at it. I don’t get it, why do i do that ? Why is it that when im in my room and silently recollect on memories that then i get angry when in actual fact i should have gotten angry immediatelywhen it happened ?

Perhaps i keep things way too bottled up, and that i get angry over what people would say small issues. I’m probably one of those passive-agressive person. I just get so angry that scenarios and plans goes over my head on how to get payback. What is wrong with me ?

The most frustrating part is that since days has already passed there is pretty much not a lot i can do to get even, sometimes it is the smallest off-hand remark and i feel like my whole identity has been attacked. I have issues, i mean usually it’s the other way around right, you get angry and cool off after a few days but for me i am cool then after a few days i remember and get mad ! I must endeavour to find out what is going on with myself.

Writing this post kinda helps a little though, i feel calm already ! Quite therapeutic i say.


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