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Work, work and then somemore

Whew finally i get to slouch back on my chair and peacefully enjoy the day, by peacefull i mean of course lazily.

This week i went out for my brand new sparkling part time job, and went for a police interview.

The police interview was a bit disappointing, in hindsight i didn’t manage to convey to them what i was trying to say and i think they have an impression of me that i didn’t want. Hope i can get the job though. During the interview i ended up in a room with other men with only their underwear on and we have to get into a bunch of positions, that … was a new experience. There were a lot of boring paper work and boring test and i even had to write an essay !

Writing samples: Parker 75


I guess good thing i still keep up with reading once in a while so that wasn’t too bad.

After the police interview i was suppose to go to a life coach interview but i was so tired from my part time work and the interview that i decide to drag my half dead carcass back home instead for some much needed sleep.

Sleeping, male baby cat. Red hair.

I came, i conquered, i slept

Only reason why im so tired is because my sleep cycle is out of whack


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