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Work, work and then somemore

Whew finally i get to slouch back on my chair and peacefully enjoy the day, by peacefull i mean of course lazily.

This week i went out for my brand new sparkling part time job, and went for a police interview.

The police interview was a bit disappointing, in hindsight i didn’t manage to convey to them what i was trying to say and i think they have an impression of me that i didn’t want. Hope i can get the job though. During the interview i ended up in a room with other men with only their underwear on and we have to get into a bunch of positions, that … was a new experience. There were a lot of boring paper work and boring test and i even had to write an essay !

Writing samples: Parker 75


I guess good thing i still keep up with reading once in a while so that wasn’t too bad.

After the police interview i was suppose to go to a life coach interview but i was so tired from my part time work and the interview that i decide to drag my half dead carcass back home instead for some much needed sleep.

Sleeping, male baby cat. Red hair.

I came, i conquered, i slept

Only reason why im so tired is because my sleep cycle is out of whack


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Youth Olypmic Games 2010

Whew so the whole YOG affair is finally done with, i gotta say i’m really going to miss the whole thing, helping out with the camera teams and watching countless rehearsals. Watching these young’uns coming here after school to pratice their routines makes me kind of nostagic, yeah, i’m getting old. I thought to myself whilst watching them – why didn’t i get myself into more of these types of event when i was young.

The show was okay i guess, although i find the closing rather lackluster. Whether the money the goverment spent was worth the entire affair or issues about the food, well i’m not going to go into that. We all have our own thoughts on that.

Heh i loved the lighting effects of the show though, the buildings to the back have all sort of light patterns on them during the show like these polka dots and green lasers. No one in the audience will see them of course, because who looks in the opposite direction of a performance anyway. OH WAIT I DO.

I thought the performance have way too many things going on in the same time, for example i’m watching these dance in the middle of the stage, but the dancers on the left are doing another dance and the ones on the right are doing another dance, then there are those at the secondary backstage doing their own things too. How the hell am i going to watch it all ?! (or am i suppose to ?)

I feel a bit sympathetic for the performers at the back part of the stage dubbed the “pool of reflection“, i feel that for the most parts people dont even look at them or they couldn’t if they were sitting towards the front because of how much lower it is compared to the front stage. Not the picture above though, the one above is for the closing ceremony where they revamped  the whole stage.

I particularly enjoyed the school of dances’ dances, and the break-dancing boys. The phoenix’s wings  and the boy running up with the olypmic flame was quite a nice touch. I felt that those giant puppets representing the singapore’s heritage was très très creepy though. Oh oh the dragon part ! I love that part too, just love how it’s body was made up of fishes.

… and fireworks ! fireworks everywhere. Some of the fireworks was way anti-climatic, its like this ball of light shoots up and then it reaches the highest point it can possibly go, you hold your breath and expect it to explode in a dazzling display of light and colour but oh wait fucking no ! it just doesn’t do anything and comes shooting back down. Nothing. I feel a sense of disappointment whenever i see fireworks like that. For the most part it was good. i just regretted not being able to take a picture with one in the background.

In any case, i enjoyed my time there. Feels bad though all the chicks just wanted to take picture with youth female athletics (but to be fair i feel the same way towards the female athletics) and i didn’t managed to take any pictures with the stars because i was busy settling the camera. They uploaded the key parts onto youtube too so people can check it out !

.. and thats the end of that.

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Cool Shirt

“So now i am back from army space.
I just logged in here to find my password is not in my brain
I should just press forget pass
I should then log in my email
If I had remember my password, it wouldn’t be such a pain.”

I’m sorry that was horrible, anyway i’ve decided to come blog again after a really really long time because i have no friends and life, so yeah the blog is like my imaginary friend, except its not imaginary or is it ?

I don't know what is real anymore

Just now i was at the float at just doing my job and my boss just walk in with this awesome shirt ! Its this black shirt and the front of it has like 9 boxes, each with a specific villain. There was Darth Vader, Agent Smith, a Zombie, Freddy Kruger, those mushrooms from Super Marioland, that enemy alien thing from Space Invaders, Godzilla and two more i forgot.

It was really cool and i felt like such a nerd or something for recognising all of them. Anyway it did managed to up the cool factor of my boss, but just by a little though, well at least he is not wearing his cap slanted that would have totally bring the score down. Let me try to google the shirt so you guys can see what i am talking about ….. nevermind is lazy

Only less furry, cute and tail

Oh oh i remember one more villain, the T-800 ! So that leaves one last one for remembering which i try and try to get the brain network department to find but i guess that particular file is gone.

Also today was a wasted day at the float. Sigh.

P.S Oh and i should mention at the same time i revived my old blog, K revived her’s too ? Isn’t it a freaky concidence ? Like the type where you are looking for someone and you walk into this room and whatdayaknow you friend just happens to be walking out and both parties hand were on the opposite side of the handle at the same time ! Which concidentally happened to me today too ! Anyway this is a good sign, it probably meant that some higher power support my going back to blogging. Well now that i look at it this is a pretty long P.S, what does P.S mean anyway ? I need to check that out later.

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Well so here i am with yet another blog.

This is another phrase of my life, my school life has ended for what might be forever and now i’m awaiting admission into the army. Time sure flies, i’m looking back at my life and i think to myself of how everything could be different, how different things could have turned out if i was a better person.

I have so many things left undone, i’m not ready to be an adult, i’m not ready to take on this huge responsibility. Soon i will be 20, in 4 months time, and …. oh a sms

What a dumbass, here i am typing this deeply introspective post and my dumbass classmate felicia send the wrong sms to me. Totally destroyed the mood of this man.

Anyway a little update on my life:

1) I’ve taken up dragonboating. Its a very nice sport, the feeling of the effort of all 20 people paddling in sync making the boat glide through the water – fantastic !

2) I’m quite interested in paintball, i will probably pursue it and take the comming BTO marshal course

3) Schools ended, and so i’m now working for a book distributor company, very boring work

4) I’m swimming more regularly now too, gonna get myself in shape for army

Well thats pretty much whats going on in my life nowadays

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